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Pommel Buck
  • Complete system includes covered body, two pommels, two pistons and a base

  • Horse body is constructed using 14 gauge steel shell, covered with a 2-piece 18mm thick polyethylene foam cut, shaped and fitted to the body contour. The body is then wrapped with a high quality, durable material molded to assure smoothness while being securely staple stitched on the underside

  • Height Adjustment from 37 ½” to 53” (135cm) 

  • Pommel can be adjusted in width from 15 ¾” (40cm) to 18 ½” (47cm) and are easily removed

  • Pommel buck also has center hole, and can be used as single pommel buck

  • Spin and snap locks are welded to the base cylinders allowing easy height adjustment by one person

Pommel Buck
Pommel Pod Trainer

Pod Trainer for developing pommel horse skills.  

  • Lightweight base is made of a structural plastic for long lasting durability

  • Ballast can be added through a 3" cap in the base as needed to ensure stability (ballast not included)

  • Cover is made of soft vinyl material

  • Dimensions: 24" (61cm) diameter base, 16" (41cm) diameter top, 28" (71cm) tall

Pommel Pod Trainer
Complete Training Pods

An ideal training device for developing skills on the pommel horse.  Available in three interchangeable tops.

  • Height adjusts from 20” to 30” (510mm to 760mm), with dual spin and snap lock mechanism

  • A steel dome is covered with ¾” (19mm) cross-link foam with a formfitting sewn leather or TAC/10 cover placed over the top

  • Non-marking foot pads, two (2) are adjustable to keep unit level

  • Optional Pommel handle made from hard maple

(TAC/10) Training Pod Complete with 24" (610mm) - Pommel Top
(TAC/10) Training Pod Complete with 24" (610mm) - Plain Top
Training Pod

The AAI® Training Pod is now available in TAC/10 or a soft vinyl cover material.

  • Designed for use in teaching pommel horse skills

  • Official pommel training pod for level 4, 5 and 6 competition

  • TAC/10 cover provides easy cleaning with excellent grip and durability

  • AURA training pod utilizes the same soft vinyl cover as used in AAI® Pommel Buck

  • Top is 25" (63.5cm) in diameter and 18" (45.7cm) in height

  • Removable top is marked with an "X" for proper hand placement

TAC/10 Training Pod
AURA Training Pod
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